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Our Annual Baby Bottle Campaign begins on Mother's Day and wraps up on Father's Day. The bottles are made available to participating businesses, offices, and churches in the surrounding community.  

Filling a bottle with your spare change, cash, or a cheque is a wonderful way to ensure our essential services are available and continue to impact our community. 

Your Support of this funding initiative is a wonderful way to ensure that these essential services continue to be available and impact our community. 

Some of the Programs & Services you are supporting:

*Pregnancy Testing


*Mentoring New Moms

*After Adoption Care

*After Abortion Care

*Miscarriage & Neo Natal Loss

*Materials Assistance


Giving Made Easy: You can give directly through our Canada Helps campaign page.  Click the link provided:


Giving has never been easier!

To participate and receive bottles for this event, contact Compassion Place directly @ (705)527-4272 or email

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