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An Island

I have a picture in my mind…standing on a small island. My head is down, eyes are closed tight, and a storm rages all around me. Like a line drawing squiggling everywhere…it’s chaotic and overwhelming. That’s what life feels like for so many right now.

There are so many different “facts” and opinions about covid, politics, justice, religion, news….frankly on everything right now. It’s hard to know what is true and what is not. Keeping all the health recommendations and guidelines straight sometimes leaves us confused, as they change from one minute to the next. And then, there’s the conspiracy theories fighting for our attention.

I have found that switching my focus back to Jesus calms that raging storm around me. The squiggly lines just fall and it’s quiet…peaceful. I love music, especially worship music. I feel the presence of Jesus right next to me when I worship. It’s impossible to be scared or sad in that moment. It’s intimate and beautiful. To be alone with with Him is life giving. He is our way maker, miracle worker, light in the darkness. Yes! That’s our God. He doesn’t want us to be confused, overwhelmed or scared. He offers freedom from that!!

Today, I want to encourage you. In the midst of all that is dark in the world today, reach out to Jesus. Spend time alone listening to Him as he sings over you, drawing you closer and closer to the freedom that is yours! He loves you and wants to bring you peace. Be blessed!

the Creator that created

the galaxies, the stars, the oceans,

a sea of sunflowers, an unexpected rose garden,

a field of glowing fireflies,

a flash of lightning across

a dark purple sky…

also created you.

(Excerpt taken from hertrueworth)

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